Director ID Deadline Extension

  For those who have yet to apply for their Director ID, theĀ ABRS has indicated they will be taking a “pragmatic compliance approach” to directors if they applied for their Director ID before 14 December. While penalties may still be applied, the ABRS has indicated they will take a reasonable approach to support people to apply. Apply now!  Read more

Director ID Deadline – 30/11/2022

  The director ID deadline for directors appointed before 31 October 2021 is coming up on 30 November 2022. A director ID is a unique identification number that is allocated to directors, upon application, by the Australian Business Registry Service (ABRS) and is a requirement for every director of a company (including not-for-profit organisations and clubs registered with ASIC) in Australia. Do you need one? Click here to find out.…  Read more

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