Greenfield Partners join the Lombardi Partners Team

Lombardi Partners are excited to welcome the Partners and staff of Greenfield Partners, who joined Lombardi Partners in July 2021.

Partners Mechelle Lughermo and Raffi Sheohmelian lead a team of 14 people, and share with Lombardi Partners similar philosophies, professional standards and client service values.


Greenfield Partners was founded 24 years ago and has a reputation for providing outstanding service and expertise to their clients.

The combined firm is known as Lombardi Partners and now includes 5 Partners and 40 staff.

The firms’ clients will benefit from our combined experience and expertise and will continue to value our friendly approach. We do not anticipate significant changes other than the Greenfield Partners team have relocated to our Lonsdale Street office.

We are looking forward to the opportunities that arise from coming together and the positive outcomes for our clients and staff.

Mechelle Lughermo:
Greenfield Partners has a proud history of serving its clients for the past 24 years. As part of the practice’s evolution we are excited to be joining Lombardi Partners, who are a liked minded practice, to assist in the delivery of exceptional client service and provide significant career development for all staff.

Joseph Lombardi:
We are delighted to have the calibre of Mechelle, Raffi and their team, join Lombardi Partners.
It has always been our intention, to build a firm known for its focus on clients and providing quality and innovative advice.
In welcoming Mechelle, Raffi and the team we know we share this passion.

Norman Elliott, Mechelle Lughermo, Joseph Lombardi, Trevor Dymond & Raffi Sheohmelian.

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